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Medical devices professionals

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Conmedic Group

 is a Moroccan industrial group, stands out for its expertise in the manufacture and distribution of high-end medical devices, as well as for its ability to provide essential medical solutions to various healthcare sectors. Our commitment is reflected in the production of cutting-edge antibacterial medical fabrics such as SS, SMS, MS, SMMMS and Meltblown. These innovative materials play a vital role in the development of a wide range of medical products, guaranteeing the optimum safety and efficacy of the devices we offer.
Our unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency is reflected in our diverse range of state-of-the-art medical equipment, including medical beds, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, pierced chairs, infusion stands and medical carts. Our offering also extends to a wide selection of medical care products, including sterile gloves, surgical kits, sterile gauze pads, sterile eye pads, adhesive strips, gauze strips, jersey strips and crepe strips.
In the medical injection sector, Conmedic-Group offers a wide range of solutions, including a complete range of syringes meeting the most demanding standards.

These include Luer lock syringes, intelligent self-locking syringes and insulin syringes. Our offer also extends to baby bottles, tubes and vials for laboratory use, as well as standard transfusion sets and Petri dishes.
As a committed Moroccan company, we are committed to actively contributing to economic development and innovation in our country. This commitment is reflected in our substantial investments in research and development, as well as in the establishment of strategic partnerships aimed at transferring cutting-edge technologies. In addition to our fruitful collaboration with SupTech Santé, which aims to evaluate and improve the medical device sector, we have forged key partnerships that facilitate the integration of innovative technologies into our business.

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Word of the president

Depuis Sa création, les Femmes et les Hommes de Conmedic Group, Excellent dans l'innovation et la fabrication de produits Medicaux de haute qualité, répondant aux besoins du Maroc de l'Afrique et de la Méditerranée . Nous favorisons la R&D et la production industrielle locale, aux Normes Internationales, arborant fièrement le prestigieux label "Made in Morocco". Notre objectif est de rendre la Qualité et la dernière technologie Accessible à Tous dans le domaine médical. Pour ce faire, une multitudes de lignes de productions de dernière generation, uniques en Afrique sont déjà installées, opérationnelles et productives, d'autres sont en cours de développement pour permettre l'ingénierie et la production de 150 articles Médicales d'ici 2033. Répondant aux besoins des marchés Marocain, Africain, Européen et Moyen Oriental. Conmedic Group s'engage ainsi à renforcer la Souveraineté industrielle, la création d'emplois, l'Exports à Forte Valeur et l' Attrait d'investissements etrangers pour le Maroc et la Région.

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MM.Mustapha Elalaoui

of conmedic group

logo mccpWhy Choose Us

many Years of Experience In Medical Health Services !

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High Quality

"As medical device professionals, we take immense pride in the exceptional quality of our offerings."

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"CONMEDIC Group's experience runs immeasurably deep. Our offerings are a reflection of our comprehensive mastery."



"We pour tremendous resources and passion into pioneering R&D initiatives, tirelessly exploring new frontiers to revolutionize healthcare solutions."

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"We are relentlessly committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in medical technology."

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Conmedic group
is Leading & Modern
Technologies Hospital

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Strategic collaboration with MedPlus

Conmedic-Groupe has established a strategic collaboration with MedPlus, leveraging the latest technologies in surgical kits. This approach reflects CONMEDIC-Group's ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of innovation and offering high-quality solutions to meet the growing demands of the medical sector.

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Synergistic partnership with Grace-Medy

In a comprehensive approach to meeting diverse market needs while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability, CONMEDIC has established a strategic collaboration with Grace-Medy. This innovative alliance goes beyond the simple supply of parts, paving the way for a synergy between CONMEDIC-Group's skills and Grace-Medy's technological excellence in the design and manufacture of essential components for medical devices.

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Cooperative engagement with SUPTECH SANTE

Conmedic-Group is pushing the boundaries of medical technology through a groundbreaking collaboration with the Higher School of Biomedical Engineering and Health Techniques (SUPTECH SANTE). Founded by a research and innovation foundation. This dynamic partnership will leverage Conmedic-Group's industry know-how to fuel research and development (R&D) efforts in the medical field. This collaboration solidifies Conmedic-Group's commitment to innovation and reaffirms their position as a leader in advancing healthcare practices.

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Allied strategic confluence

The collaboration with Mindray gives Conmedic access to a wider range of medical technologies and integrated solutions, strengthening its ability to deliver innovations relevant to the Moroccan, African and global context. By working together, Conmedic and Mindray can maximize their impact by improving the efficiency of healthcare, optimizing the management of medical resources and expanding access to healthcare and quality services.

What Our Customers Says?


I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the gowns and coveralls... They are reliable, easy to use and save precious time in my work.

salim sebary


“CONMEDIC products are of exceptional quality. They have greatly improved the care of my patients.”

Dr. Ereem

Doctor surgeon

“I'm impressed by the quality and precision of these medical devices. They have helped me to make diagnoses faster and more reliably..”

Dr. Ahmed Ait sellam

Emergency physician

“CONMEDIC products are truly cutting-edge tools. They have considerably improved the comfort and care of my patients.”

Ms Fatiha Bennani